Trident A Range Console

  • Built in 1970 by and for Trident Studios
  • Fully discrete, class A design
  • 34 channels of legendary mic pre & EQ
  • 58 channels with EQ/sends and 92 inputs on mix

The inputs/mic preamps/busses are completely unmodified from their original 1969 class A design. Precision Audio test shows a flat frequency response from 9.5Hz to 52kHz (1dB).

Control Room A
Photo: Edward Colver

Enhancements include:

  • New caps, new switches, new P&G faders
  • New bus routing modules (34x24x24 config)
  • Six variable effects sends
  • Four stereo cue sends
  • Three way mic preamp routing switch: signal to tape direct from preamp, post EQ, or post fader/post EQ
  • Modernized control room module
  • Additional 200 patchpoints on new external bay
  • Custom stand and matching producer's desk created by Christophe Leroux