Live Room

Our 65'x35' live room features Bluthner 7' and Baldwin 6' Grand Pianos, plus 48 mic lines and 16 cue sends.

Studio A

The Studio A control room is 25'x20'x13'h and features a Trident A Range console, your choice of analog recorders (3M M56, 3M M79, Studer A800) or Pro Tools, ADAM and Westlake BBSM-10 monitors, and full access to a truly astonishing collection of microphones and outboard gear.

Studio B

Studio B measures 11'x18' with an 18'x25' live room. It features a Mackie Digital 8 Bus, elegant Argosy console stand, a variety of outboard preamps, 2" analog and/or Pro Tools recorders, extensive outboard gear, and tielines to all instruments, plate echos, and chambers in the facility.

Organ Room

An adjoining 30'x50' room just to the left of Control Room A features a Hammond Organ from every decade ('30s to present), reed organs, plus Leslie 122 (2), Leslie 147, and Leslie 150 (2) speakers and necessary attachments for interfacing to guitars. Not pictured are an excellent upright grand and Wurlitzer 120 (tube) and 140 electric pianos.

Organ Room 2

The far side of the Organ Room features an assortment of acoustic and tape replay keyboards, including the Chamberlin Riviera, Mellotron Mark V, Birotron, Baldwin Electric Harpsichord, Chamberlin Rhythmate, Mellotron Mark II, and Mellotron M400—all loaded with your choice of sounds.


All instruments are set up, plugged in and ready to track. Extensive tie lines connect all the rooms and gear, allowing you to use any of this equipment for processing other sounds during tracking or mix.

All studio photography by Edward Colver.